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DA Cannizzaro calls for Councilman Williams to recuse himself from criminal justice matters while under federal investigation

June 9, 2020
District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro on Tuesday (June 9) called upon New Orleans City Councilman Jason Williams to recuse himself from the Council’s criminal justice affairs. The DA cited the ongoing federal investigation into the defense attorney’s tax affairs, and a series of false statements Williams made last week, as evidence that Williams is ethically conflicted and unfit to continue influencing…
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U.S. District Judge dismisses federal civil rights claims in Singleton lawsuit

June 8, 2020
U.S. District Court Judge Jane Triche Milazzo on Monday (June 8) issued an important ruling granting defendants partial summary judgment in the lawsuit of Singleton et al. v. Cannizzaro et al, regarding the use of certain DA notices discontinued in April 2017. The ruling is attached at the link below. OPDA Communications Director Ken Daley issued the following statement: “Today’s…
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DA Cannizzaro responds to city councilman’s remarks

May 28, 2020
Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro issued the following statement Thursday (May 28) in response to remarks from City Councilman and criminal defense attorney Jason Williams:   “We share the concerns of Supt. Ferguson regarding the performance of the NOPD’s task force personnel, and await the findings of the department’s internal investigation. Should sufficient evidence be produced indicating criminal conduct…
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New Orleans DA extends public office closure through at least July 31

May 13, 2020
UPDATE: On June 26, the public health emergency closure of the DA’s office was extended through July 31.   District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro on Wednesday (May 13) extended his office’s public closure through at least June 26. The previously announced shutdown in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency was set to expire this weekend. But a budget shortfall derived from…
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New Orleans DA announces large-scale layoffs prompted by COVID-19 budget impacts

May 8, 2020
District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro announced the layoff of 42 percent of his non-attorney staff Friday (May 8), in response to budget shortfalls exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing court system shutdown. Affected employees were notified late Thursday of furloughs taking effect at the close of business today. In total, 56 of the 133 non-attorney employees of the New Orleans…
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Plan set for limited re-opening of New Orleans’ Criminal District Court

April 30, 2020
The judges of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, in consultation with other stakeholders in the criminal justice system, on Thursday (April 30) announced plans for a limited re-opening of the courthouse at Tulane Avenue and North Broad Street slated for two weeks after the city’s stay-at-home order is lifted. According to the order issued by Chief Judge Karen K. Herman,…
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New Orleans DA challenges bond order for convicted double-murderer Darrill Henry

April 24, 2020
Ad hoc Criminal District Judge Dennis Waldron on Friday (April 24) set bail a second time for a man convicted of one of the most gruesome double murders in recent New Orleans history. Waldron set bond in the amount of $400,000 for Darrill Henry, over the objection of state prosecutors and the surviving family of victims Durelli Watts and Ina…
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New Orleans DA extends public closure of office through at least May 3

April 13, 2020
District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro on Monday (April 13) extended his office’s public closure through at least May 3. The decision follows a similar shutdown extension by Criminal District Court, as ordered last week by the Louisiana Supreme Court. The closures are in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. The OPDA office has been closed to the public since the…
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‘D-Block’ co-defendant defies judge’s home confinement order within an hour

April 8, 2020
Criminal District Judge Darryl Derbigny on Wednesday (April 8) denied a state motion to revoke the recognizance bond of Johnny Johnson, but ordered the defendant to home confinement at his provided address in New Orleans East. Johnson, one of nine defendants named in the May 2018 “D-Block” gang racketeering indictment, was released April 1 over the objection of the Orleans…
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‘D-Block’ leader Glynn McCormick murdered within 4 days of virus-related custody release

April 6, 2020
Grieving New Orleans family members have notified District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office that the man shot to death Sunday afternoon (April 5) near North Broad and Dumaine streets was Glynn McCormick. McCormick, 33, was the indicted leader of a violent heroin-dealing enterprise awaiting trial for racketeering. Criminal District Judge Darryl Derbigny ordered McCormick’s release from custody on April 1, over…
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