Thoughts shared by some of those helped by the array of services offered by the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office:


“We are so thankful. My childhood friend had been locked up a long time. But we were able to meet with Mr. Cannizzaro and now he’s packing to come home. We really received some compassion from the DA’s office.”

— C. Mitchell


“People need to know that there is help available, when you lay your story out. I never been in a situation like that before. And to have an audience at the DA’s desk was great. He listened to us attentively, understood the family crisis we were in, and he told us there is hope for him. And you want to hear that. My brother was institutionalized for 23 years and this life sentence was removed. I can’t thank your office enough.”

— B. Womack


“My Diversion program counselor was Todd Juluke. And not only is he great at his job, but he really makes sure that not only do you take advantage of the Diversion program, but he really gets you to engage in the program. His personality and his personal story is a testimony and proof that change is possible and achievable. I’m so thankful that I had him as a counselor. The program really works, as long as you are willing to put in the work. as Todd always says.”

— C. Brooks


“As angry as I am for the loss of my son, I will feel sorry for his killer. That decision changed my life forever. But it became easier with my victim-witness counselor Alison Morgado never letting the case fall to the wayside. And I am so very grateful for the hard work that prosecutor Jason Napoli put into the case. Thank you so much.”

— C. Hamilton


“I finished the Orleans Parish adult Diversion program in August 2018, and want to express my appreciation for how it changed my life. When I entered the program in 2016, I was fighting a 16-year heroin addiction. My addiction started with opioid pain pills that were legally prescribed to me at age 15. While my drug use didn’t start on the streets, I ended up doing and being everything my parent taught me not to be. My counselor Todd Juluke understood where I was coming from because he had been there himself. Having a counselor who was formerly incarcerated and had a history with drug use was great. He inspired me to go to school, and gave me the impression that anything is possible when you are sober. I had a brief relapse, and he gave me another chance to get myself together. … Jan. 1, 2019, made one year clean from heroin and all mind-altering drugs. Through Louisiana Rehabilitative Services, I started college in Fall 2018 and finished my first semester with a 3.7 GPA. I’m starting my second semester and just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at the Orleans Parish DA’s office, and to reiterate the importance of programs such as this.”

— J.T. 


“I really didn’t expect the Diversion program to be the way it was. It actually was a great experience for me. My counselor was always so nice. She kept me away from using alcohol and drugs, and she talked to me and gave good advice. I feel we created a bond. She helped me become a better person, as far as my anger problem. She also always had my back. She had patience with me throughout the entire program.”

— D. Williams