U.S. District Judge dismisses federal civil rights claims in Singleton lawsuit
June 8, 2020
For Immediate Release

Contact: Ken Daley, Public Information

U.S. District Court Judge Jane Triche Milazzo on Monday (June 8) issued an important ruling granting defendants partial summary judgment in the lawsuit of Singleton et al. v. Cannizzaro et al, regarding the use of certain DA notices discontinued in April 2017.

The ruling is attached at the link below. OPDA Communications Director Ken Daley issued the following statement:

“Today’s ruling by the federal district court dismisses all federal civil rights claims against our individual prosecutors. We remain confident that the few remaining claims will be successfully resolved as this case progresses from the realm of allegations to that of evidence.

“The plaintiffs have alleged from the beginning that they were at risk of future harm from the individual prosecutors they have sued. Yet when presented with the opportunity to produce evidence supporting their claims, they could not.

“As the court stated, ‘Mere allegations in a complaint, with nothing more, cannot defeat this motion (for partial summary judgment).’ The court has dismissed with prejudice all claims seeking injunctive relief against the individual prosecutors.”

Singleton 060820 – Order granting partial summary judgment