DA Cannizzaro welcomes new Juvenile Court policy for repeat offenders
January 9, 2020
For Immediate Release

Contact: Ken Daley, Public Information

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro on Thursday (Jan. 9) issued the following statement in response to the new detention policy for repeat offenders announced by the judges of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court:

“I commend the judges of New Orleans’ Juvenile Court for recognizing the persistent danger posed by habitual violent teen offenders toward our citizens, visitors and police, and for taking this important step to improve public safety in our community.

“When I proposed an eight-point plan to curb juvenile violent crime last May 16, I implored our juvenile judges – and the city leaders who seek to influence them – to take a more responsible approach than coddling repeat offenders who show no interest in reforming their antisocial behavior. This was never about needlessly locking up more of our city’s youth, but rather about giving our citizens and police the relief they need by ensuring the most unrepentant, persistent and dangerous armed teens are taken off our streets.

“Our city needs to invest more heavily in rehabilitation programs and alternatives to incarceration proven to be effective in other jurisdictions. This repeated cycle of catch-and-release and hope for the best pushed by defense attorneys influencing city government has failed our citizens and our children. And in the absence of that investment, we need this important and overdue measure to help regain the safety and
security of all our city’s neighborhoods.”

Note: As a reminder, details of the DA’s 8-point plan to curb juvenile crime proposed last May are available on our website by clicking here.