DA Cannizzaro responds to city councilman’s remarks
May 28, 2020
For Immediate Release

Contact: Ken Daley, Public Information

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro issued the following statement Thursday (May 28) in response to remarks from City Councilman and criminal defense attorney Jason Williams:


“We share the concerns of Supt. Ferguson regarding the performance of the NOPD’s task force personnel, and await the findings of the department’s internal investigation. Should sufficient evidence be produced indicating criminal conduct occurred, we will not hesitate to prosecute any officers involved.

“Our office screens approximately 28,000 cases per year, including the one in question in which a police search found a man with illicit narcotics and an illegally concealed gun in the French Quarter. It was our office that provided the video of the arrest to the suspect’s defense attorney. We sought judicial review of the legality of the search, and await the re-opening of court June 4 to proceed after the evidence was suppressed.

“The grandstanding of the councilman today does not change those facts. Nor do the budget cuts he imposed on our office reduce our reliance upon NOPD officers and supervisors to conduct themselves according to the law before submitting cases to us.

“As the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis reminds us, injustice at the hands of police violates the deepest public trust and sends waves of harm throughout society. Most police serve their communities with integrity and bravery, and the illegal actions of one or a few cannot be allowed to stand and taint the rest of these courageous public servants. But like any other citizen, police officers also are entitled to due process and an investigation to determine the facts. We will determine how to proceed once that investigation is completed.”