On the day of trial

If you are summoned to appear in court, you should arrange to be available for the entire day. It is difficult to determine how long you will be in court. You may be excused or you may be needed for more than a day. Victims and witness often must wait until preliminary procedures are completed. You should eat before coming to court, and remember to bring any medications that you are required to take throughout the day.

Cellphones, computers, cameras, radios, electronic devices, food, beverages, weapons and large bags are not allowed into the courthouse and will be confiscated. The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office is charged with maintaining the security of the courthouse. Any questions regarding permissible items should be directed to the OPSO at 504-822-8000.

If you need handicapped or other special arrangements made for the day of your testimony, please call the OPDA’s Victim-Witness Assistance division at 504-822-2414. If the case is in Orleans Parish Juvenile Court, please call 504-658-9500.