How the System Works

Basic Criminal Justice Flow

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Glossary of legal terms

Accused: A person or entity accused of committing a crime. Acquitted: The term used when a defendant is found not guilty by a judge or jury. Affidavit: A sworn written statement made under oath or on affirmation before an authorized magistrate or officer. Allegation: An assertion or statement of a party, which they intend to prove. Appeal: The process by which a defendant requests…
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On the day of trial

If you are summoned to appear in court, you should arrange to be available for the entire day. It is difficult to determine how long you will be in court. You may be excused or you may be needed for more than a day. Victims and witness often must wait until preliminary procedures are completed. You should eat before coming…
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Tips for Appearing in Court

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled court appearance. Allow time for traffic and/or parking delays. Wear appropriate clothing to court. Business attire is recommended. Many judges have strict rules prohibiting such clothing as shorts, tank tops and novelty T-shirts. Avoid distracting habits such as chewing gum. Before testifying, try to recall information accurately in your mind. Be truthful and answer…
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