A Message From The District Attorney

Fighting crime in New Orleans never has been an easy task. It has been made more difficult in recent years by decisions that have sapped police manpower and prosecutors’ resources to dangerously low levels.

I believe New Orleans’ homeowners, taxpayers and visitors deserve better. They deserve our city’s genuine commitment to safer streets and more peaceful neighborhoods. They deserve fair but firm judges who will impose real consequences upon those who commit violent crime. And they deserve not to be put to greater risk by those more concerned with the comfort of violent adult criminals and juvenile offenders than the rights of the innocent victims who were preyed upon.

As District Attorney, I am proud to lead a staff of hard-working men and women dedicated to making this community safer. Because this is our community, where we also live, work and raise families. We work tenaciously on behalf of New Orleans’ crime victims, and I make no apology for seeking meaningful consequences for the criminal acts of our city’s violent offenders. Our toughness sometimes is disparaged. But we are sworn to serve this community, not to appease local defense attorneys or critics who opine on New Orleans’ unique crime issues from a distant perch. Preserving the safety and welfare of our citizens and visitors is a calling that no one in our office takes lightly.

The routine daily good work of our devoted staff often is thankless and unheralded. But those unfortunate enough to have been victimized by criminals in our city appreciate the persistence and skill we bring to bear in the pursuit of justice. So, on behalf of our prosecutors, investigators, counselors and staff, I welcome you to our revitalized website and the wide array of services we provide. We have been entrusted with the great responsibility of enforcing the law, and are proud to stand together with you as we strive for a safer New Orleans for all.

— Leon A. Cannizzaro Jr.