Victim-Witness Assistance

The Victim-Witness Assistance Division handles some of the most important and delicate work of the OPDA’s office. Its staff of caring, experienced and specially trained counselors works closely with crime victims and witnesses to offer empowering knowledge, guidance and support through every step of their criminal case proceedings.

Dedicated Victim-Witness counselors provide case status updates, direct feedback to prosecutors, and help address safety and child-care concerns for crime victims and witnesses whose testimony is crucial to the successful prosecution of offenders. Victim-Witness counselors accompany victims, witnesses and their families in person through key courtroom appearances and trials.

The District Attorney recognizes that the Orleans Parish criminal courthouse can be an intimidating and unfamiliar place to those who have witnessed or been victimized by criminal acts. Our empathetic Victim-Witness personnel provide an invaluable support system and conduit to the Assistant District Attorneys focused on the successful prosecution of the charged offenders who have disrupted the lives of the victims and witnesses we serve.

Read some of the testimonials offered by those we have helped.

Office Location

  • Main Office
  • 619 South White Street
  • New Orleans LA 70119
  • (504) 822-2414