Restorative Justice

The OPDA’s restorative justice unit takes a cutting-edge approach to resolving certain criminal cases through mediation efforts. Cases are subjected to this approach only when requested by both the crime victim and criminal defendant, and when approved by the District Attorney and First Assistant.

The principles of restorative justice include establishing accountability from criminal defendants who are willing to take collaborative action to repair as possible the damage their crimes caused, with the ultimate goal of restoring reformed defendants to their community.

The OPDA’s restorative justice unit examines potentially qualifying cases and, when appropriate, initiates a mediation effort involving victims and offenders. The mediation effort aims to reach a punitive and/or restitution agreement that satisfies the parties directly involved, while maintaining public safety for the community at large.

Mediation efforts can be initiated only in select cases in which the offender is willing to accept responsibility for criminal acts and work collaboratively and fully with our office and the victim to repair that harm to the greatest extent possible.

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