The OPDA’s Appeals Division represents the interests of our community and the State of Louisiana in appeals to the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana Supreme Court, and the Appellate Division of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Appeals Division respond to and litigate post-conviction applications filed in state court. They answer federal habeas applications filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. And they handle appeals of those cases to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

The Appeals Division provides support to the Trials Division, assisting with research on complex issues of law and, when necessary, seeking emergency review of adverse trial court decisions in the state appellate and Supreme courts. Personnel from the division also direct Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs for OPDA attorneys.

In 2017, the division made 197 filings with the 4th Circuit and more than 50 to the state Supreme Court. In 2018, it answered 56 direct appeals, 232 writs of review, 108 state post-conviction relief claims and 44 federal habeas claims, continuing its work as one of the busiest and most successful appellate practices in Louisiana.

To contact the Appeals Division, call (504) 571-2942 or email

Office Location

  • Main Office
  • 619 South White Street
  • New Orleans LA 70119
  • (504) 822-2414