It is the mission of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office to represent the interests of the State of Louisiana, advocate for the victims of crime, protect public safety, and uphold justice in an honest and ethical manner. This is primarily accomplished through the fair, effective, and efficient prosecution of offenders of the law. The District Attorney's office is committed to being responsive to the needs of victims, witnesses, children in need, law enforcement agencies, and the citizens at-large of this great community.


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The Office of the District Attorney will only accept public records requests as per Louisiana Statute La.R.S. 44:1 etseq. through our Public Records Request e-mail address.

A Message from the D.A.


On behalf of the hard working men and women of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office, I thank you for visiting and welcome you to our website. I invite you to take a look around and see for yourself the broad array of services performed by my office.

The first priority of the District Attorney's office is to represent the interests of our community, which includes you and your family, in criminal proceedings in Orleans Parish and to get the violent offenders, who threaten our safety, our recovery, and our very way of life, off of our streets. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I believe that there is no higher purpose to government than protecting the safety and welfare of the citizens whom I have been entrusted to serve. The men and women of the District Attorney's office have dedicated themselves to this duty. Whether it is an attorney in our Trial Division prosecuting a violent criminal or a counselor in our Diversion Program providing rehabilitative services to a non-violent offender, everyone in our office works diligently on a daily basis to make our streets safer.

I hope you find the information contained on this website both useful as well as informative. You will find explanations of our many divisions and contact information for those divisions. Additionally, I have included links to the websites of our partners in the criminal justice system. I have and continue to work hard to make this District Attorney's office and our entire criminal justice system as user friendly as possible. Ultimately, this is your city and your District Attorney's office, and I need the assistance and trust of the community to solve our crime problem.

As District Attorney, it is my job to make people pay for the crimes that they commit, but it is all of our jobs, as a community and a society, to ensure that crime does not occur in the first place. If we really want to solve our crime problem, then we must all stand together and with one clear voice tell the criminal element that they will no longer find safe quarter on the streets of New Orleans. I thank you for the opportunity to assist the people of this great city in such an endeavor.